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Come and Experience Grandeur Like no Other

Whether you have a small ceremony or a big wedding, we'll ensure that you'll cherish and enjoy every moment of your special day at our hotel. Enjoy the opulent ambience and superb hospitality that will leave you asking for more. Book your reservations today! Call 785-479-3749.

We care for every detail

Your wedding marks a special occasion in your life and we'll make it an extravagant and memorable moment for you. Over the years, our hotel has built a solid reputation for itself that it proudly carries today.


You'll be surprised to learn that we never compromise on our commitment and quality of service. Our professionals will leverage superb services and pay attention to every detail of your event. Call 785-479-3749 to book your reservations today!

Your wedding destination

Your wedding is a big milestone in your life. This day turns your long-awaited dreams and aspirations into a big reality. Couples need a great-looking venue with friendly staff that not only meets their expectations, but exceeds them on this special occasion.


At Engle House Bed & Breakfast, you'll get

top-quality services under one roof.

Make your wedding day a memorable one.

  • Site will be included in the wedding package - includes first floor

  • Honeymoon package

  • Ceremony

  • Catering - several options

Celebrate Your Special Moment With Us

At Engle House Bed & Breakfast of Abilene, KS, we can make your big day a special one by arranging a superb wedding destination. Our luxurious hotel comprises all the amenities you're looking for. What's more - our friendly staff will assist you with all your needs ensuring your complete peace of mind.